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Subject: How You Can Stay More Motivated
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How Does A High School Dropout Make An 8 Figure Income?

Some people are surprised when they hear I was a high school dropout at 17. My girlfriend and I were  not ready when we found out she was pregnant. What was I going to do? What was I going to tell my parents…what was I going to tell HER parents?

I decided leave school so I could work full time. I had to grow up and step into that roll. FAST. I had take care of her and my baby rather than get my diploma, but yet today I am on track (with my partners) to break the $10,000,000 mark again this year. People always ask, “What’s the secret… How do we do it? Not, going to sugar coat it at all. It is A LOT OF HARD WORK, but don’t let that stop you. IT’S WORTH IT!!

We have seen a lot over the years. Failed partnerships. Changing regulations. Divorces. Funerals. During the recession of 2008 I even had to sell alarm systems door to door in Southern California just so we could make payroll.

We have learned along the way and we continue to learn. We want to share this wisdom with you! We send out a couple of emails each month with the best advice and tips we find, but it is all distilled down for you so you don’t have to waste time and that brings us to the first helpful tip we’ll share with you in your entrepreneur journey….DON’T WASTE TIME!!

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