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Accounting Solutions That Are Changing The Financial World

Businesses are constantly evolving their business finance and accounting solutions to meet the needs of their clients and the growing demands of the finance industry. Social media, CRM, and digital marketing solutions all impact today’s accounting industry resulting in greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved client relationships. Here are the top business and accounting solutions that are changing the accounting industry.

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Use a CRM system to improve your client interactions

To work efficiently and compliantly, you need a central record of client information. Your CRM system should seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and accounting tools to avoid creating unnecessary work. If your business has an organized CRM, you’re already one step ahead of those still trying to tap into archived emails.

Free your business from the desktop with cloud-based accounting

Cloud-based accounting solutions offer numerous significant benefits. As all cloud-based accounting solutions are hosted in the cloud rather than on-site, they enable your employees to access accounting and financial data from anywhere in the world on any connected device. Employees can even work remotely from your clients’ offices.

Cloud-based accounting solutions update automatically and financial reporting takes place in real-time, which means your team is always using the latest software and your clients’ account balances are always accurate. Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-based accounting solutions for improved efficiency, reliability, and simplicity.

Cover the basics and offer added value

Clients turn to accountants to help them with their taxes, financial statements, and records. Many accounting firms offer added-value accounting solutions as well, like helping clients plan for their financial goals, save for retirement, and improve their financial status.

Don’t be afraid to market added-value accounting solutions to your clients. Set up marketing campaigns that target specific age groups and challenges. For example, 18–30 year olds want to save for their educational needs and purchase a home; whereas 31–45 year olds want to invest in their children’s’ educational needs and retired clients want to maximize their savings.

Move online for improved communication

While there’s a good chance you communicate by email and have a company website, there’s more you can do to enhance your digital communication. For instance, consider syncing your email with your CRM with an automatic ‘bcc’ that attaches every email to the appropriate CRM account. This will enhance compliance, as well as make it easy for anyone to pick up the account and get up-to-speed with the client. Another tactic is to move all quarterly newsletters online and track your engagement rate. When you know which content works, you can tweak accordingly and improve open rates.

Automate for greater marketing efficiency

To provide your clients with the right content when they need it, you should automate content production and delivery. Content should be scheduled and segmented according to your client base and prospective markets.

Escalate client engagement with digital marketing solutions

Forbes notes that millennials are the most influential consumer generation to date, with an annual buying power of over $200 billion in America alone. Millennials are the driving force behind the economy, and are more likely to demand expertise and thought leadership before closing a deal. The accounting industry connects and engages with millennials using digital marketing solutions like ClickMeeting, Huddle, and communication tools like Slack. They also use social media platforms to attract clients by establishing financial thought-leadership in the digital space.

Companies like Easier Accounting already harness the power of digital, cloud-based technology to offer businesses improved efficiency, streamlined workflows, and substantial bottom-line savings.

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