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Startup: Getting a Financial Edge

Many startups begin with a fantastic idea and highly specialized talent. But, a distinct lack of knowledge regarding the financial side. Investors and lenders see hundreds of ideas that are a great idea but not a great business. This usually dissuades them from any type of investment. But for intelligent entrepreneurs, this actually represents a […]

Startup Management – Top Financial Insights

Startup management is a challenge. Keeping it open can be even more difficult. Business owners need to understand the finances of their business inside and out if they are to survive. Before getting started, look at these key insights. Always Keep Your Personal and Business Finances Separate It is very easy for a small business owner […]

Delegate Tasks – How and Why

Business owners usually have the habit of wearing many hats; this can be helpful in the beginning stages of a company. However, as business takes off, wearing too many hats will start to work against you. The best leaders don’t just do all of the work in the company. A great business owner has a […]

Startup Growth Management

Experiencing startup growth is an outstanding achievement for any entrepreneur. However, with startup growth comes new hurdles you will need to face head-on. Too much growth is what we call a “good problem” to have, but if your new challenges aren’t solved appropriately, you could end up dealing with some serious consequences. Every new business […]

Cloud-Based Accounting Benefits

Is it time to investigate a cloud-based accounting solution? What is “the cloud” anyway? Why would you want to take your business accounting to the cloud? First, understand exactly what cloud-based accounting is. Cloud-based accounting solutions utilize a subscription model in exchange for hosting your accounting. One advantage of this is you can access your […]

Outsourced Accounting – The Pros and Cons

Outsourced accounting has been an option used by businesses and start-ups for years. Unless you offer accounting services, a highly-qualified, in-house accountant can be incredibly expensive. If you’re bootstrapping for your start-up, it may be tempting to take on your accounting yourself; is this going to be efficient for you? It’s not a new idea […]

The Top 5 Reasons a Start Up Company Won’t Take Off

As we have mentioned in the past, there’s nothing more exhilarating than successfully beginning and running a start up company. Many try while only a few succeed. Identify and avoid this handful of reasons a start up company might go belly up. Growing with Demand A start up company struggling to grow with demand is […]

When to Look for Outsourced Accounting Services

Company budgets are getting tighter and leaner. Everyone runs into a situation where a service is needed, but the costs are prohibitive. Keeping an in-house accountant is expensive and having someone multi-task the position proves inefficient. It used to be the case that only large enterprises could afford to outsource accounting. However, today there are […]