IRS Audit: How to Survive the Stress of a Tax Audit

IRS Audit Tips

It often comes unexpectedly: you start a normal workday answering emails and talking with a few business contacts. Then, the mail delivery comes, and you find the dreaded notification letter from the IRS. They want to audit your company to make sure that the tax filings match your business records. This news can be terrifying […]

Is it Better to Hire a CFO or Outsource Your Small Business Financials?

CFO or Outsourced Accountant

How many people are employed by your company? If you need to bring in a specific skill set to help with your business goals, then the first inclination is often to post a job opening and hire another employee. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring employees, it is important that you consider the needs of […]

Legal Deductions to Reduce the Tax Burden on Your Business in 2018

Legal Tax Deductions

Taxes don’t have to be difficult! When the topic comes up among small business owners, many people automatically think about stressful paperwork and unreasonable fees. Do you feel overwhelmed when it is time to file your taxes? Then it means that you are doing things wrong. Instead of carrying the burden by yourself, it is […]