CPA vs. Accountant Responsibilities

When deciding whether you need to hire a CPA or a general accountant for your small business, it’s essential to know the difference. There are a variety of accounting services that you can outsource or hire an in-house accounting team to address. Bookkeeping and day-to-day accounts payable and receivable do not necessarily require hiring a […]

Advice for Making a Small Business More Diverse and Inclusive

Being an entrepreneur can come with many brainstorming ideas that are made into a reality with your drive and go-getter personality. An essential part of owning a small business is surrounding yourself with people from all backgrounds and demographics who can help you learn about all perspectives. If you were only surrounded by people who […]

Start the New Year Off Right for a Small Business

As you go into the New Year with your small business, you may find yourself feeling energized and ready to make 2021 your year! There were likely some hard lessons learned in 2020. But you made it through, and now your company has the potential to grow and thrive. What can you do for your […]