Accounts Payable: Best Practices for Small Businesses

EA - Accounts Payable - Best Practices for Small Businesses

Two essential aspects need to be addressed for maintaining your books: the money coming in (Accounts Receivable) and the money that is going out (Accounts Payable). Most small business owners are familiar with these two phrases, and they understand the general concept. But it can be a challenge to know how to implement the right […]

IRS Red Flags for Business Owners: Tax Return Mistakes to Avoid

EA - IRS Red Flags - Tax Return Mistakes to Avoid

Taxes are one aspect of running a business that most entrepreneurs dislike. Not only do you need to be sure that the cash is available when tax time rolls around, but it can be a burden to keep up with the tracking and paperwork required for tax preparation and filing. Taxes are unavoidable, both for […]

Hiring an In-House vs. Outsourced Accounting Team

EA - In-House Bookkeeping vs. Outsourced Accounting Team

Bookkeeping and accounting are essential for every business, and there are many opinions on the right ways to find the services that are needed. If you are starting a business or you can see that your bookkeeping and accounting systems need a bit of TLC, what is the right approach? You can hire an in-house […]