Millions of Small Businesses Could Close Due to Coronavirus

In a sudden change around the world, many businesses were forced to close their doors because of the COVID-19 outbreak. These changes in commerce have had an undeniable impact on the economy, with millions of small businesses struggling due to a lack of revenue. Many businesses shut down for weeks because of local stay-home orders […]

How You Are Saving Money by Staying Home

While the Coronavirus pandemic has caused financial concerns around the world, many businesses and families are finding that the stay-home orders are saving money. How have your finances been impacted by the recent economic changes? Millions of people are out of work. Some businesses are closed, while others are busier than ever. While everyone is […]

How Small Business Owners Can Save Money by Having Employees Work from Home

The way business is done has changed because of the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses are implementing new safety protocols to minimize the risk of virus exposure for both employees and customers. How have your business practices changed in recent months? One common trend is that companies are encouraging employees to work from home when possible. The […]