What is Working Capital?

Working capital is a measure of how much liquid cash a company has after bills are paid. It is a short-term snapshot of the financial health of a company. When you have sufficient working capital, you are able to keep your company afloat. Suppose you find that you have an abundance of working capital. In […]

What If a Small Business Neglects Bookkeeping During the Holiday Rush?

If your small business experiences an upsurge of business during the holiday season, it may be tempting to cut corners on seemingly non-urgent things. Bookkeeping and accounting may be one of those things that fall off of your priority list when you are busy keeping your head above water. Your strengths may lie in advertising, […]

Gift Ideas for Small Business Clients and Employees

The holidays are a time to give thanks. If your small business offers services rather than goods, then it may not be an especially busy time of year. You can offer gift cards and cooking class registrations. There are many ways to optimize your sales during the holidays. But one thing you won’t want to […]