Business Mileage Tracking: Creating a System that Works

EA - Business Mileage Tracking - Creating a System that Works

One of the benefits of being a business owner is the opportunity to manage your tax burden by leveraging write-offs and deductions that are available. Not only can you write off office supplies and business services, but mileage tracking can be another powerful way to maximize the deductions that are available. These mileage deductions can […]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Self-Employment Taxes

EA - The Small Business Owner's Guide to Self Employment Taxes

Self-employment taxes are a necessary and unavoidable part of being a business owner. Building the business feels fun and glamorous, but many entrepreneurs agree that taxes can be both stressful and burdensome. The key is to plan ahead for the tax burden you will be carrying, so the costs and paperwork don’t catch you off-guard. […]

7 Effective Tips for Designing a Good Accounts Payable System

EA - Effective Steps to Designing a Good Accounts Payable System

One of the most important things you can do as a small business owner is to design a good, organized system for managing your books. Do you feel like you have a handle on your accounts receivable and accounts payable system? Today, we are sharing a few tips to help if you are looking for […]