Get the Boost Needed for a Small Business During the Holidays

If your small business has experienced a slump with the recently implemented changes due to the pandemic, then the holiday rush must be highly anticipated and needed. Now that you’ve pivoted your business to adhere to the safety practices required during this time, focus on how you can boost sales this holiday season. Don’t forget […]

Visit an Accountant Before a Business’s Holiday Rush

Every company needs to be prepared for the busy times. Many small businesses make enough money during the holidays to carry them through the slow times throughout the rest of the year. It is essential to consult a small business accountant before a significant influx of sales and money. You won’t regret having your books […]

Holidays 2020 for Small Business: Will It Be Like Other Years?

We are eight months into this pandemic and still figuring out how to pivot small businesses to fit the needs of customers. The holidays are here, and with increasing Covid-19 cases, don’t plan on seeing stores bustling with shoulder-to-shoulder people. Holiday shopping this year will not be crammed into a 3-day bonanza. More people will […]