How to Improve Cash Flow Management in Your Company

Cash Flow Management

Your company is growing and expanding, and products are flying off the shelves… so why do you have a hard time managing the cash flow each month? Cash flow is a big issue for many small business owners, resulting in a situation where there isn’t enough cash to keep the company in business. In fact, […]

Compliance Tips when Hiring Independent Contractors

Compliance Tips for Independent Contractors

Many small businesses see the benefit of hiring independent contractors. In this situation, the business gets access to high-quality skills without paying for a full-time employee. The freelancing industry is booming, which has caused the IRS to take a closer look at how small businesses are managing their independent contractors. Whether you have one independent […]

Holiday Hiring: Employees or Contractors?

Holiday Hiring Accounting Tips

The summer is winding down, and the kids are back in school, which means that the holiday months are coming soon. Do you have an increase in sales during the busy holiday months? Many companies find that it is beneficial to hire extra help during the busy season. These people are brought into the company […]