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Delegate Tasks – How and Why

Business owners usually have the habit of wearing many hats; this can be helpful in the beginning stages of a company. However, as business takes off, wearing too many hats will start to work against you.

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The best leaders don’t just do all of the work in the company. A great business owner has a staff made of people will different skill sets. You need to use these people; delegate tasks to run a highly efficient business.

You will need to start identifying tasks that aren’t crucial for you to accomplish. Start looking for people in your company with the affinity to take on some of these duties.

Why Delegate Tasks?

Any great leader realizes that the ability to delegate tasks is essential. You have too much on your plate already that you don’t need to be doing. Some obligations require your attention, and this is where your mind should be.

Holding control of too many tasks also gets inefficient. It’s incredibly easy to spread yourself too thin. When this happens, the quality of your work is bound to go down. Focus on the work that truly no one else could do.

If you feel like your company couldn’t function if you took a day off, this is a sign it’s time to delegate tasks. You have staff that wants to work, use them!

How to Delegate Tasks

As your team performs their jobs, watch for performance. If someone expresses interest in taking on other assignments, try them out. You’re looking for who does what best and with the most efficiency.

As different talents begin to emerge, think of how you can apply these team members to new tasks. Look for the people who are really getting invested in their work and taking personal pride in what they’re doing.

A healthy combination of a hard worker who takes pride in their work and specialized skills will make a great resource for getting things off your plate. You need to be able to walk away for a day or two without worrying about your company grinding to a halt.

Start delegating tasks within your company, have someone keep you accountable. Choose someone you trust to watch what you’re doing. If you start to fall back into the old habit of doing everything yourself, be open to a call out. Then, find someone who can handle the menial tasks and get back to the work you need to be doing.

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