Gift Ideas for Small Business Clients and Employees

The holidays are a time to give thanks. If your small business offers services rather than goods, then it may not be an especially busy time of year. You can offer gift cards and cooking class registrations. There are many ways to optimize your sales during the holidays. But one thing you won’t want to forget is giving back to your clients. Customer retention is vital for a small business.

If you want your clients to remember you during your slow months or while they are staying home and staying safe during the pandemic, then you can send a gift. Remind them of your services, and any gift, big or small, will help the customer remember your small business the next time a want or need comes up. When deciding on the right gift, think of something you may want to receive from your hairdresser or barista. Most people wouldn’t want a large gift from a small business. Something little can be just the right message that says, we care about and appreciate you.

Gift Ideas for Clients

Be sure to meet with an accountant to carve out how much money you can allow for gifting your clients. The return on investment is always worth it, as every client wants to feel appreciated during this time. They will be sure to remember your small business and the efforts you made to say thank you.

Take a look at some gift ideas for your clients and then meet with a small business accountant to decide which option is the best for your company:

  • Pen and Notepad Set: Everyone needs a notepad they can tuck away in their bag on the go. The pen stays attached, and they don’t have to go digging through their bag to jot down a quick reminder or inspiration. You can print your small business’s name on the gift for bonus advertisement and keep your company fresh in their mind.
  • Essential Oils: Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. The uses are versatile as they can be used for calming purposes or to protect against illness. Choosing a particular essential oil with a note that describes its benefits can be a really meaningful gift. Essential oils could be new to the person or a gift that they can add to their oil collection.
  • Portable Charger: There are some creative portable chargers out there in different sizes and colors. And you can never have too many chargers! It is valuable for anyone to have a charger in their bag or car when they’re on-the-go and realize their device is low as they’re walking into a long meeting.
  • Scarf: No matter where you live, a scarf is a staple for the winter months. It can add a pop of color to anyone’s outfit. And the cool thing about a scarf is you can customize it with the small business’s name or the person’s name you are gifting it to.
  • Hot Cocoa: When you find your favorite fancy hot cocoa, you want to share it with the world. Whether you add a personal touch and whip up your own hot cocoa mix or you gift your favorite brand, everyone would be thrilled to receive a warm cup of joy for their holiday gift.
  • Gourmet Popcorn: There are so many different mixes of popcorn. You can get a peppermint bark mix or a turtle mix with caramel, chocolate, and nuts. Choose a blend that is right for your client’s personality. Choose a brand that packages in a lovely tin or paper bag.
  • Headphones: Another tech essential are headphones. Can you ever have too many pairs of headphones? You don’t have to worry if your client already has this gift, as they will be thrilled to add another set to leave by their home office desk or up by their nightstand.
  • Chocolate: Nothing says happiness like receiving a gift of your favorite gourmet chocolate. This is a treat for anyone who wants a special stash of chocolate for a cozy night at home. Do not forget to tie it in a ribbon or present it in a clear bag for charm. You can also get your small business name printed onto chocolates for added customization.
  • Notecards: For the people who like to leave hand-written thank you notes or words of encouragement, you can gift a stack of blank notecards. There are beautiful designs and colors from which to choose. There are no sentiments written on them – all the writing is up to the card owner. If they aren’t already in the habit of leaving notes, this will inspire them to try it out.
  • Succulent: Have you seen the small cactus-like plants that are on window sills or lined up out on the patio? These charming plants can add joy to anyone’s life. Upkeep is minimal, watering only when they appear to be dry. And they can add decor and freshness to each home.
  • Gift Card: A gift card is a wonderful gift to give to anyone who is hard to shop for. If you are giving to a wide variety of people that you may not know on a personal level, then a gift card is the way to go. You can choose a grocery store or a small business that you’d like to support.
  • Music Subscription: It is common for most people to be paying for a music subscription these days. You can save your client an extra bill for a month or two by gifting a music subscription service. This is a thoughtful gift that is extra fun for the music lovers out there.
  • Water Bottle: Another customizable item, you can give a water bottle. You can choose a style that keeps the water cool while they are at work. Or you can find a variety of colors and shapes. Think about a size that will fit easily in a cupholder so they can bring it with them in the car.
  • Sunglasses: With a variety of price points for sunglasses, you can find pretty reasonably priced, quality sunglasses. A gift like this can be used in the winter or summer, protecting from the reflection of the sun shining off of the snow. And it may remind your client of the beach days ahead.

The most important part of gift-giving is to give from your heart. Each gift should include a personalized note, stating what you appreciate about the person and how grateful you are for them. When you sign each card, it will show how much effort you put into wrapping and preparing the gifts. Think about the most memorable gifts you have received. Is it the actual gift you remember? Or is it the sentiment of the giver that speaks to your heart after all of these years?

The List Doubles as Small Employee Gift Ideas

With the holiday season approaching, you may be in the middle of a holiday rush. Times are busy, and your employees are working their hearts out, helping your business thrive through the flood of customers and sales. The last thing you would want to do is forget about your hard-working staff. As you look through the list, think about a gift that would bring a smile to their face.

Again, do not forget to consider the cost. Of course, there is no price tag on your appreciation and love. But you can give something meaningful and from the heart while contemplating the price that is the best for your small business. No employee expects a grand gift from a small business owner. They just want to know that they are appreciated.

The one thing that you can offer your employees that doesn’t apply to your customers is a paid day off. Think of the relief you would give your employee after working so hard through the holiday rush and maxed out all of their vacation days to find out that they get a bonus vacation day! Any employee would be thrilled with that gift. There are so many ways to ensure that your employee feels appreciated.

Consult with a Professional Accountant

Gifts are so fun to give, and everyone deserves the best. That doesn’t mean that your business should go under in the process. Meet with an accountant to decide on the price points that are practical for your small business. Gift-giving is a successful business strategy – for customer and employee retention. Saying thank you is vital, and what better time to do it than during the holidays. An accountant won’t argue that point with you. Meeting with an accountant will only help you achieve your goals in all areas of your business.

You can contact Easier Accounting for all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We specialize specifically in working with small businesses. Our expertise is rooted in affordable accounting strategies to help small businesses thrive. You won’t regret asking for help during this busy holiday season. Please set up an appointment with us: (888) 620-0770.

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