Hiring New Employees for Your Small Business During Coronavirus

As the restrictions are easing from the COVID-19 lockdowns, many businesses are looking for ways to maintain their livelihood in this “new normal.” How is your business adapting to the new circumstances? Whether you had to close your doors for a few weeks, or you’ve been able to stay open during this time, it’s possible you might need to look at options for hiring new employees now. As businesses expand offerings, it’s important to make sure that you have sufficient staff to support customer needs.

Not only has your way of business changed because of the pandemic, but companies need to use different techniques and strategies for recruiting and hiring. If you are hiring new employees, here are a few things you should keep in mind to find the right employees:

Recruiting and Hiring Remotely

Some businesses have gone virtual by having employees work from home during this time. If you are in an industry that has allowed you to continue remotely, then hopefully your workforce has been able to maintain the same productivity while everyone has been at home. In some cases, businesses are booming in this virtual space – which means that managers are having a hard time keeping their teams staffed to stay current with the demand.

As the business world is shifting, now is a great time to look for potential employees. The shift in employment situations, combined with a high unemployment rate, means that the pool of skills is great for companies who are ready to hire.

The biggest change is that most of the initial conversations need to be happening virtually. People are concerned about social distancing and the safety of spending time in an office. If possible, you can connect with more potential candidates by completing the initial round of interviews remotely. Zoom and Google offer great tools that enable virtual meetings from the comfort of any location. You can talk to the person in a face-to-face conversation, using virtual tools through the computer or a smartphone.

Even new hire paperwork, training, and onboarding can be done remotely if you have the right tools. For example, an outsourced accounting team can take care of payroll setup and management when you provide digital information after hiring new employees.

Tips for Hiring New Employees in a Pandemic

Here are a few tips that every business should keep in mind when hiring new employees during this time:

  1. Public Job Posting: Many companies suspended hiring when the pandemic hit, which means that potential candidates might not know that you are ready to hire now. If you are actively hiring new employees, then you need to be sure that this information is public and shared on multiple platforms. List the job openings on your business website, add these postings on job search sites, and reach out to local employment centers to notify them about the opportunities. Additionally, these job posting links can be shared through social media and other marketing avenues, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to connect with the right candidate.
  2. Refresh Job Details: Since the way of doing business has changed, it means that your old job descriptions might need some updating. Refresh the language and include COVID-specific details, such as whether work from home opportunities are offered. Also, don’t depend on job postings that went up a few weeks ago. New postings get more views and better traction, so it is smart to take down the old listing and post a new listing to ensure that candidates can find your information in the search results.
  3. Narrowing Down the Results: Much like traditional hiring in the past, you should narrow down the pool of candidates to determine who you would like to invite to an interview. Use specific filtering methods to determine which candidates are most qualified for the job. Because of the high unemployment rate right now, many people are searching for jobs – which means that you will have plenty of applicants to choose from. This long list of possibilities gives you the option to have strict hiring standards, so don’t be hesitant to cut any applicants that aren’t a good fit for your needs.
  4. Video Interviews: If you are planning to talk to potential candidates using video interviews, then make sure that you’ve worked through the technical details to increase the likelihood that everything will go smoothly. Be clear in your communication with the job applicant. For example, include information about the time, date, and who will be reaching out for the interview. Always include time zone information in case the candidate is located in another state. Share a link for the video meeting. Be ready to log on a few minutes early so the candidate isn’t waiting to access the virtual meeting room.
  5. Making an Offer: Since it is an uncertain time for both employees and employers, you need to be realistic in the things that are promised through the job offer. If you are unsure about the modifications that need to be made with new employees, then it might be better to offer a temporary position instead of hiring a long-term employee. Also, be clear about how expectations might change in the future if the employee needs to start working at the office after having a remote position.

Communication with Job Applicants

Keep in mind that your communication in the hiring process will speak volumes about how your company is responding to the current conditions. It feels like many things are in flux right now, which likely means that your job candidates are unsure and uncomfortable. You can snag top-talent by maintaining open communication, ensuring that you are closing the loop on things that are at the top of your applicant’s minds.

Show an empathetic approach in how you are keeping applicants informed and updated. Share information about what they can expect regarding working conditions, safety measures, and possibilities for remote work. This communication creates an opportunity to build trust with your new employees, which means that you can develop an ongoing relationship based on job satisfaction.

Virtual Onboarding for New Employees

If you are looking to hire immediately, then it is best to offer the option for new hires to work from home whenever possible. Training and initial meetings can be held virtually, which eliminates the risk of virus exposure to new employees and current team members.

It’s essential to ensure that you have established systems in place for these onboarding activities. Unfortunately, onboarding details can be easily overlooked when you aren’t in the office working with someone in person. The best solution to create a seamless onboarding experience is to have a checklist in place that covers all of the essential points and information. For example, the new employee should be introduced to the company, have an opportunity to talk to team members virtually, and even take a virtual tour of the different departments and job roles within the company.

Proper Accounting and Bookkeeping Support

It takes a lot of work to post a job and connect with the right candidates. As you are exploring your options for hiring new employees, it’s important that you have access to solid business resources to support your needs during this time.

For example, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping can offset the work that needs to be done by your current workforce, which means that you can dedicate more time and resources to the hiring process. An accounting team is truly an investment for your company because you have someone who can oversee specific details required by law, such as employee information needed for payroll taxes and more. These services can be accessed virtually through an outsourced team, ensuring that your business can continue running smoothly – regardless of what might happen in the future.

Adapting to New Changes

It’s uncertain when the future may hold, which is why companies need to be ready to change and adjust as needed. The hope is that this pandemic will be contained soon and we can return to a more normal way of doing business. But there is a possibility that social distancing will need to be maintained for a while, which means that you should be ready to adapt in case closures need to happen again in the future.

What are you doing right now to prepare for ongoing virtual business activities? Hiring new employees might be an important part of the strategy, especially if you need access to the skills and talent for website management, customer support, and other ongoing responsibilities.

Easier Accounting specializes in outsourced accounting services, and we are here to assist through the challenging situations your business might be facing. If you need help with payroll when hiring new employees, then call us today. We also offer other small business accounting services, including tax strategy and filing, ongoing bookkeeping, and more. Call to learn more about how you will benefit from these services: (888) 620-0770.

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