Interesting Business Blogs to Follow

For budding entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals, there are many blogs that are helpful to read on a regular basis. There is always a need to continue to learn more about the things that help to be successful. Moreover, advancements in technology, especially disruptive ones, can change a business model overnight.

There are five basic areas of interest for most business owners and C-level executives, which are:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Legal Compliance


Finance is the lifeblood of every business. There is always the need to keep the organization moving forward. In order to do that, there needs to be a steady flow of cash to work with. There is always the need for owners and executives of any business to learn as much as possible about this critical area.

Some blogs that are good to read, which cover topics in this area include All Business, A VC, Venture Hacks, and The Entrepreneurial Mind.


The impact of technology affects all businesses. Business owners and C-level executives need to be aware of the newest technological trends to make sure that they can embrace the most positive trends. They also need to avoid things that could cause the greatest setbacks for their business, such as cyber attacks.

Great blogs about technology and Silicon Valley include PandoDaily, TechCrunch, SAI, and Quora (ask experts any question).


One clear priority that rules modern business is “innovate or die.” Things are always moving in new directions. This means that every organization needs to be able to keep up with the changes and lead if possible. Gigantic successes have come from market disruptions. These can be caused by an innovative startup company that discovered a new way to do something.

Terrific blogs that help with innovative concepts and industry trends include Harvard Business Review, Smart Hustle, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Daily Dose.


Every business, in order to exist and thrive, needs to be an expert in marketing their product or service. This area includes using Internet technologies and data mining to gain a competitive advantage. It also includes proactively managing brand awareness in order to establish a good reputation and maintain it.

Marketing is a multi-faceted effort. Some of the best marketing blogs for business are LinkedIn Today (articles are curated based on your professional profile), Church of the Customer (for small businesses), the Infusionsoft Blog, CopyBlogger, Duct Tape Marketing, and the Hubspot Marketing Blog.

Legal Compliance

There is almost nothing worse than having a business shut down because of a failure to be in legal compliance. Regulations and laws change constantly. Therefore, it is important for business owners and executives to read about the changes occurring.

Some helpful business blogs that deal with legal, tax, and other compliance issues include Small Business Trends and Forbes: Entrepreneurs.


Business owners and C-level executives are very busy. Nevertheless, they need to be proactive in order to stay informed about things that are critical for their success. A good way to achieve this is to find some of the best business blogs and then, regularly read them.

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