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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to market your company. Grow your business and interact with your customer base! If you are not using social media, or are not using it effectively, you could be missing out. Here are five of the social media marketing tips that your company should use. These can help increase sales and get feedback from customers.

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Post Consistently

One of the best tips for social media marketing is to post consistently. Ideally, you will want to post at least once a day on more quiet social websites and up to a few times a day on busy, high traffic social websites. However, when you post, make sure that the posts add value or are appealing to your customers. Let them know about new products coming out, upcoming sales, or even link to your blog posts about topics that are relevant to your business. Posting frequently helps increase the chances of your customers seeing your posts. If you only post once a week, you won’t get a lot of traffic.

Host Social Media Events

Another social media marketing tip for companies is to host social media events. When you host these events, you get potential customers and current customers to interact with you. For example, clothing and accessory companies often ask customers to post a picture of themselves wearing their favorite piece from their boutique or clothing line every Friday. This helps customers see your clothing or accessories, while also allowing current customers the opportunity to receive compliments for the pieces they are showing off. It is a win-win for both parties.

Engage With Your Customers

Many companies make the mistake of using social media only to post what they want to post. They ignore everything else. However, you can gain a lot of insight into the mind of your consumers by engaging with them and interacting with them. Many customers will post on your page letting you know about bad customer service, products that didn’t work correctly or even to compliment employees. You can then use this information to improve your products and customer service. And it gives you an outlet to apologize to the customer and make them feel important for bringing these issues to your attention.

Offer Social Media Discounts

One of the latest trends in social media marketing are exclusive offers. Offering special discounts or coupons only to your social media followers. This entices users to check your page frequently to look for discounts. It also feels like they are being rewarded or made to feel special for receiving a discount that may not be available to everyone. Putting up a coupon or discount on social media increases your business and sales.

Get Help When You Need It

Our last small business social marketing tip is to get help when you need it. Social media marketing can open many doors and increase your business and brand awareness. But if you are not using it correctly, your can be missing out on these benefits. If you don’t have the time to effectively run your social media, there are tools available. Take the time to learn about posting tools that can automate posts for you. Or services that reply to customer comments for you, even social media specialists who can handle your company’s social accounts completely.

When used correctly, social media is the perfect platform for interacting with your customers, drawing in potential new customers, increasing brand awareness and enticing both new and existing customers to do business with you. However, using social media for marketing can be tricky. Taking the time to read various tips and learn more about social media will help you to learn how to market correctly or will help you decide to get professional help for social media marketing.

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