We have a free gift for Speak To Sell attendees

Pick one of the following gifts.

•Free 1 Hour Strategy Session
•Free Amended Tax Review
•Entity Setup (state fees not included)

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Strategy Session
Take advantage of our free 1 hour session with our accounting team. We will show you the areas that we can save you money. Let us do a free strategy session for you and we’ll show you what we would do different and show you the actual cash benefit.
A free 1 hour session is for the person who needs to hire an accountant and they want to make sure that their accountant is aligned with their business.
Our professionals will spend up to 60 minutes with you so they can understand your business and all of your needs. We will point out areas that will save you money and time. Whether there are missed tax deductions or systems and organization practices that will save you time and money, we will make sure to help you see them.
Amended Review
Are you interested in seeing if your accountant did a good job for you last year? Maybe you are curious to see what they did.    
Our amended review is done by a tax professional who specializes in small and medium-sized businesses. They will go through your taxes and show you areas where you could potentially save thousands of dollars. If they are done correctly it will give you added peace of mind knowing that you’re not at risk in the event you are audited.
Entity Setup
It’s probably not a surprise that most people or businesses are not structured properly when they come to us. We will set up your business entity preparation for free, (state fees not included).
When a new client or prospect is comes to us, we have found that a large number of those businesses are not set up correctly. To add to the problem, they don’t know how to flow their money properly. It’s common that they don’t know how to pay themselves the right way to avoid double taxation and they aren’t utilizing better practices to reduce their taxation.
Our free entity setup offer includes the document preparation  (state fees not included) and it also includes a free consultation not only to make sure that you are picking the right structure for your business at this moment, but also taking into consideration where you want to take your business.
For example you might only need an LLC right now. We can put a strategy in place so we can eventually turn that into an S corp. Maybe a C Corp works best for your industry. It all just depends on where you’re at in your business right now.