Business Owners: Are You Taking Action or Procrastinating Important Tasks?

Are you in the process of launching a start-up, or gaining traction after being in business for several years? As a small business owner, there are many things that you have done to set yourself apart from other people. Some individuals are content to be employees because they don’t want the stress and responsibilities of owning a company. Other people, like you, love the thrill of creating something new and focusing on lifestyle design through business management.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the business world or you are just getting things off the ground, it is important that you are proactive to create a strong financial future for your company.

The Motivation of Getting Started

It is easy to feel the motivation when you are just getting started. The excitement makes long hours fly by, causing many small business owners to stay in the workaholic mode for a while. Many people find it easy to be an “action taker” when they are launching a new company. They are full of dreams and focusing on the possibilities.

Business owners in these beginning stages are often willing to put in the long days and carry a lot of responsibilities. They see the benefits of putting in the work now to get things off the ground. Then, systems and employees can be put in place at a later date.

If you are feeling this motivation, then it is important that you let the momentum carry you forward. Look for ways that you can solidify the foundation of your company, and make sure that you are focusing on some of the most important things that will prepare you for the future.

Finishing Your To-Do List

One of the common problems encountered by small business is owners is that they often have a to-do list that never ends. There is always something that needs to be done when you are running a business! As a business owner, it is likely that you lead in many roles throughout the day, including the manager, customer service, bookkeeper, inventory assessment, and more.

Since you are carrying so many responsibilities, it can be hard to keep up with some of the foundational tasks that need to be addressed. Look over your to-do list and see if you are successfully keeping up with everything should be completed. Most business owners will find that they are having a hard time keeping us. As a result, many of these important items are falling to the back burner.

It won’t bring the company down if you neglect the bookkeeping tasks for a week or two. But, eventually, the lack of management and responsibility can lead to serious problems for the organization. Seemingly small tasks right now add up to big results in the future. So, you need to make sure that all of the necessary items on your to-do list are completed.

Proactive vs. Reactive Managing

There are two ways that you can approach your business management system:

  • Proactive Management: Dealing with things right now so that you can avoid potential problems in the future. A proactive business owner is looking forward to seeing the possible roadblocks that might cause issues for the company. Then, measures are taken to put together the right systems to ensure the long-term success of the business. If you are managing your company in a proactive way, then you are setting yourself up for success that can’t be achieved with reactive management.
  • Reactive Management: Falling behind on important tasks can cause you to slip into reactive mode, which means that you are dealing with problems as they occur. Some business owners feel like they are jumping from one crisis to the next, making it impossible to get ahead of the chaos. If all of your hours in the day are focused on “fighting fires,” then it is a good indication that you need to make a change as soon as possible! Deal with the current issues, and find solutions to help you avoid similar problems in the future.

A business owner who is proactive with business systems often has an action-taker personality. You are willing to take risks and take massive action each day. As a result, you are probably working long hours and achieving great successes with your company.

In comparison, a person who is managing with a reactive style often has a procrastinator personality. Even though there are things that need to be done, these items are often pushed to the back-burner because their time is being used differently. Sometimes, the person might choose less-relevant tasks rather than focusing on the items that need to be addressed at the moment.

Shifting Your Focus: Create a Proactive, Action-Taking Environment

It doesn’t matter what you did (or didn’t) do in the past… what matters is the action that you are taking right now. Whether you are dissatisfied with the results that you are achieving, or you are looking for ways to boost your results, it is important that you assess your daily actions. Look for ways that you can ramp up your efforts to get the optimal long-term results that you desire.

Creating a proactive, action-taking mindset is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. By setting the right mindset for yourself, you can pass this thinking onto your managers and employees. These small changes can transform your company culture and create positive results for many years to come.

Here are a few tips to help you shift your focus to become an action-taking business owner:

  • Start the Day in the Right Way: What are the first tasks that you address each day? If you are dragging your feet in the morning and you walk into the office to face a mess of paperwork and problems, then you aren’t setting the right tone for the rest of the day. Instead, you need to be intentional about the things that you are doing to create a strong mindset. Develop a morning ritual that keeps your focus on positive thoughts and the top priorities for your business. A morning ritual is one of the most important action-taking principles that you can integrate to create lasting results.
  • Have a Clearly Defined To-Do List: Instead of only reacting to things that happen throughout the day, make sure that you have a list of activities that must be completed each day. These things need to be focused on activities that add to the bottom line of your company. If you have a hard time getting everything done, then you might consider the benefits of working with an accountability partner who can hold your feet to the fire with accountability on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Outsource Menial Tasks: If you are going to focus on the bigger management issues, then you can’t be up-to-your-eyeballs in paperwork. Make sure that you have an employee or outsourcer who can handle busy work like filing, accounting, and bookkeeping. Outsourcing these things will ensure that you are keeping up with foundational tasks, without cutting in your valuable time. You can pay someone else to handle these ongoing tasks, freeing up your time to focus on business development and future possibilities for your company.
  • Eliminate Distractions: A common cause of procrastination is that distractions are moving through your office all day long. Eliminate these distractions by setting up uninterrupted time for you to get real work done. Lock the door, turn off your phone, and let your employees know that you aren’t available during this time. Turning off social media and your email account can be essential so that you can avoid the notifications and focus on the task at hand.
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude: Even when things go wrong, you should always keep a smile on your face. Create a positive mission statement or a list of affirmations that can help you maintain the right mindset when things get hard. When you encounter a problem, you can determine if the issue is important and how it plays into your mission statement. Small things don’t need to cause stress because you need to manage your time and energy to focus on the things that really matter in the future. For example, if there is an error in an order of promotional products and you receive the wrong color pens, then it might not be worth your attention. On the other hand, big tasks such as employee management or hiring for a new position should take priority over things that don’t impact the bottom line.

With a few small changes to your daily habits, you can transform your results and create more success for your company. If you need help creating a proactive approach to the financial management of your business, then it is essential that you have a good accounting team to help. Here at Easier Accounting, we have experience working with all types of small business owners, and our team is here to help. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the ways our accounting services can be beneficial for your company: (888) 620-0770