Gratitude: The Key to Infuse Your Business with Excitement and Success

During this Thanksgiving season, many conversations are turning to the topic of gratitude. It is a great time of year to remember that we need to take the time to recognize blessings. As a business owner, you are in a unique position where you have control over your work schedule, income, and activities throughout the year.

Unique Business Opportunities

Consider the fact that most of the world population lives on less than $2 per day. Since we are located in a “first-world” country, we have opportunities that others can only dream of. We can build and grow businesses, choose our home location, and connect with others who offer products and services that we would like to buy.

Never take it for granted that you have the time and resources available to build a successful business. Feel gratitude for this chance to take control of your time and money. You might find that infusing more gratitude into your mindset and your daily routines will help your business grow.

Benefits of Gratitude

If there was a simple solution to improve your business success, boost employee morale, and decrease your sick days, wouldn’t you want to implement this solution? It has been proven that gratitude is beneficial to boost both physical and mental health, and these benefits can have a ripple effect on your team and your customers.

While most studies focus on gratitude benefits in your personal life, there’s no question that gratitude can have a lasting effect on your business as well. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you implement these principles in your daily habits:

  • Better Teamwork: Acknowledging your employees and contractors is a great way to show that you recognize their contributions. Do you take the time to focus on the small details that are happening each day? If you want to strengthen teamwork in your office, then you need to lead from the top. Gratitude can be beneficial to boost social behavior and create an environment where everyone is watching out for each other. When management communicates gratitude to the team, then the employees will feel good. As a result, they will have a natural inclination to step beyond their own responsibilities to lift and serve other people on the team.
  • Boost in Productivity: Additionally, employees have more motivation to work harder when management shows appreciation for the work that is completed. If people can see that their efforts are recognized, then it increases the likelihood that they will go above and beyond with their daily activities.
  • Improved Employee Retention: reported that people have a higher chance of staying at their job longer when appreciation is offered. If your employees are happy, then it means that they will be hard working… and you can reduce turnover.
  • Happier Customers: There’s no doubt that happier employees will create happier customers. Your employees are on the front-lines, working with customers day-in-and-day-out. You need to be sure that the face of the company is satisfied and appreciated so that those good feelings can be passed onto your customers. Show appreciation and gratitude to your employees, and at the same time, you can encourage employees to show appreciation to your customers. The people who buy your products are the lifeblood of the company, and you need to be sure that gratitude is passed to those customers.
  • Reduced Sick Time: Maintaining an attitude of gratitude has been found to improve overall health. Gratitude affects heart health, sleep patterns, hormone balancing and more. If you are tired of missing work because you are sick, then try implementing a gratitude practice.
  • Stronger Business Relationships: Also, consider how team attitude impacts the relationships that are built with other businesses. When gratitude is expressed and practiced, it improves the communication with vendors, suppliers, business partners, investors and more. Even though many transactions happen online, we can’t get away from the fact that human connection is essential if you want your business to grow. Express sincere gratitude so that you can build trust with other companies and organizations. Creating these lasting relationships can have a positive impact on your results in the future.

Personal Gratitude Practice

Where should you start to create a mindset of gratitude in your business? The first step is to make sure that you are fostering gratitude in your heart. Start with yourself so that you are authentic in sharing gratitude with other people around you. Common gratitude practices include:

  • Start a Gratitude Journal: List a minimum of three things each day that you are grateful for. Focus on gratitude in your personal life and in your business. It doesn’t have to be fancy… a simple notebook or piece of printer paper will do.
  • Say What You are Grateful For: At first, it might feel uncomfortable to talk to yourself. But, find the time when you can speak your feelings of gratitude out loud. For example, you might voice your gratitude list when you are by yourself in the car on your commute to work in the morning. Gratitude and affirmations can shift your mindset, so you show up in the right attitude to start the day on the right foot.
  • Set Reminders on Your Phone: It is easy to get distracted by the activities of the day. If you are having a hard time remembering to be grateful, then set reminders that interrupt your activities so that you can look for gratitude in the moment. When the alarm goes off, consider the positive things that you have experienced so far during the day.
  • Take a Gratitude Walk: There are times when you might be caught in the emotion of a stressful day at work. Give yourself a few moments to step outside. Feel the sunshine on your face and consider the blessings in your life. This break will reduce your stress and help you bring a positive spin back into problems that you might be encountering.

Tips for Fostering Gratitude in the Workplace

As the business owner, you need to recognize that you are the catalyst to implement changes that need to happen. Are you doing your part to foster gratitude in yourself? Is that gratitude being shared with your managers, employees, vendors, and business contacts?

Regardless of the size of your company, right now is the perfect opportunity to take a proactive approach to improving the mindset in your business. Not only will gratitude improve satisfaction all around, but it will be beneficial to change company culture.

Here are a few ideas to help you share this feeling of gratitude with your team of employees:

  • Act on Grateful Feelings: When you notice something that was done right, act in the moment to share your gratitude. For example, you might thank an employee for completing a project on time or offer a heartfelt thank you to a customer who came into the store.
  • Use Words, Not Money: There’s no need to spend a lot of cash to show your gratitude. Small tokens of gratitude can have a lasting impact to show your appreciation. Try sending a short text or email, or drop a notecard on someone’s desk.
  • Create a Gratitude System: Do you have a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities at work, making it hard to remember to take time for gratitude? Build a gratitude practice into your system. For example, show up to work 10 minutes early so that you have a few minutes of quiet time to write one or two thank you notes for the day. These small efforts can add up over time, helping to shift your attitude and the culture of the company.
  • Be Personal: When you express gratitude through a common or written word, be genuine and personal in that expression. Be specific about the things that you are grateful for. Make it a personal note, rather that mass-distributing a generic thank you card.
  • Reach Out to Customers: The best way to build your business is by fostering long-term relationships with your current customers. Find ways that you can say thank you to current and past customers. Send thank you cards in the mail. Include a small thank you gift with their purchase. Hold a customer appreciation day where discount service and free food are available.

While this article is written for small business owners, these principles apply to people in all stages of their careers. Whether you are running an established business, getting underway with a start-up, or working as an employee, you will find that your work experience improves when you implement a gratitude practice in your life.

Developing a mindset of gratitude might be the best way that you can improve yourself and others around you. At Easier Accounting, we want to share our heartfelt “thank you” with all of our customers. We recognize that you have a choice in choosing an accounting service. Our team is working hard to improve the services that are offered and ensure that you have our full support for your business efforts. If you are interested in learning more about the accounting services that are offered, you are welcome to call us any time: (888) 620-0770

Infuse Your Business with the Thanksgiving Spirit to Boost Success

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many people are thinking about the time away from the office to spend the holiday with family and friends. Whether your business will be closed for Thanksgiving weekend, or you are ramping up for a big Black Friday sale, look for ways that you can use the holiday spirit to boost your business results.

Express Thanks to Customers

Every holiday is a great opportunity for you to reach out to current and potential customers. You can build the relationship each time you send an email, talk on the phone, or send something through the postal service. These interactions might seem small, but they add up to the long-term relationships that will help your company succeed.

Use Thanksgiving as a motivation to talk to the people that have bought from your company in the past. Even a small Thanksgiving message can go a long way to let them know that you still want to maintain the relationship. It might cost a little bit of your marketing budget to send a Thanksgiving message, but it is worth the cost to strengthen the ties with people who like your products or services.

Showing gratitude to your customers is a great way to be genuine in your interactions. As you reach out to people in this manner, they will associate gratitude with your company brand. As a result, they will think positive things when they see information about your business.

A personal interaction is always a great option when you are talking to customers. But, don’t be afraid to use a mass message if you don’t have time to reach out to people individually. Post a Thanksgiving message on your blog and social media accounts. Don’t forget to send a short Thanksgiving thought through your newsletter as well.

Gratitude for Vendors and Business Contacts

Another way that you can build positive relationships is by reaching out to vendors and other business contacts. Let these contacts know that you are grateful for their support and the ongoing business relationship that you share. These interactions are helpful to ensure that you maintain the connections that you need to keep going with your business in the future.

Keeping your vendors happy and maintaining good relationships are essential to help with inventory and other day-to-day processes for your company. So, use Thanksgiving as a time when you can reach out to strengthen those connections.

Another idea is to send a Thanksgiving gift that can be shared in the office. A fruit basket, chocolates, or a gift card can be great options to show your gratitude. Make sure also to send a card to say “Thank You” and “Happy Thanksgiving.”

Thanksgiving for Employees

Don’t forget to show gratitude to your employees this season! Everyone in your company is essential to the daily tasks that are completed. From the people on the front-lines managing customer service to the managers working behind the scenes to oversee the teams, each person brings unique traits and skills to the team. Recognizing their accomplishments and value to the company is a great way to boost employee morale and help people see that they are appreciated in their workplace.

You should say “Thank You” without expecting anything in return. But, you can know that improving employee morale is important for retention. Ensuring that your employees are happy is a good strategy to reduce turnover so that you don’t have to hire new people to back-fill open positions. So, even though you are sharing your gratitude for the season with no expectations attached, know that your business will benefit because the employees will feel valued and happy in their jobs.

Most non-retail businesses will give employees one or two days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. But, there are many companies in the retail industry that need employees to work the day after Thanksgiving for the Black Friday sales. If you need to have employees come in on that day, look for ways to find a win-win solution for everyone who is working.

Remember, the way your employees feel will impact the way they treat the customers. So, you need to be sure that your employees are maintaining a good attitude when they are at work so that the positivity can spread to the customers they talk to. These happy emotions will help everyone feel good, which can lead to higher sales because the customers are satisfied with the experience they have in your store.

Boosting Thanksgiving Attitudes on Black Friday

Most people don’t want to work on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. So, how should you handle the situation if you need to have people come into work? If your business is open on both of these days, look for ways that you can divide the responsibilities so that everyone still gets some time with their families. For example, you might have people work only a half day shift instead of being in the store for the full day. Or, you can discuss scheduling with the team to find ways to cover the hours and still work around holiday plans.

When people are in the office or the store on a holiday weekend, put in the extra effort to make it a festive experience for everyone involved. Small things can go a long way to make the day feel different compared to a regular workday. You might cater in meals and have the food available in the break room so that employees can get a good meal when they are between shifts. If you don’t want to bring in a full meal, then consider offering treats and snacks instead.

Black Friday is often one of the busiest days of the year. So, you need to make sure that you are supporting employee efforts since they will be putting in long, hectic days with customers. Make sure that breaks and lunch hours are respected so that people can take a few minutes to themselves in between the rush of customers coming through the door.

If you know that you are going to be understaffed, then look at options to bring in temporary help. Reach out to a temp agency in your area to find people who can offer skills that will be supportive of your business. Simple tasks can go a long way to reduce the stress on the other employees. For example, you might hire a temp employee to gather carts in the parking lot or to direct traffic in the store.

Reflect on Gratitude in Your Own Life

As a business owner or entrepreneur, there are many things that you can be grateful for in your experience. Don’t forget to take time to reflect on the benefits of self-employment, so that you can see all of the ways your life benefits from your company. You have taken time to say thank you to employees, vendors, and customers. But, don’t forget to have gratitude for yourself and the long road that you have traveled to get where you are right now.

Running a business takes a lot of work, but it is worth the effort because of the long-term benefits that are available. Many business owners can reach higher levels of success if they focus their attitudes on positivity and gratitude. These thoughts show in daily actions and employee management, which will have a trickle-down effect on employees and customers.

If you want to see a change in your small business, then that change needs to start at the top! Lead with the attitude that you want your employees to have. This example is a valuable way to create the company culture that will foster success and growth in the future.

Even though gratitude and Thanksgiving can’t be measured on your Profit and Loss report, these things can go a long way to boost your bottom line. Company culture is a critical factor that will impact the success of your business. So, you need to be looking for ways to develop these strengths in your company, so that you can achieve the future results that you desire.

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Team at Easier Accounting!

Here at Easier Accounting, we want to take a moment to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! We know that our customer relationships are important, and our team is working hard to offer the best services that are available in the accounting industry. We are always here to support your business efforts.

Whether you need help sorting through the Black Friday transactions or you are looking at upcoming tax payments, we offer the support that you need. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for more information about the ways that we can offload the financial tracking so that you can focus on other tasks that will help your business grow. We specialize in small businesses and start-up businesses, and this hands-on experience has helped us identify the best practices in the industry.

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