Company Payroll Services

Is too much of your time used up by taking care of payroll and putting out paycheck related fires? Easier Accounting has a solution for you. We offer company payroll services for businesses of many different sizes. By allowing us to take over this aspect of your business, you can be freed up to work on maintaining and growing your business.

Save money

Easier Accounting allows you not only to save time, but money as well. By using our company payroll services, you can avoid hiring an accounting department. When Easier Accounting does your company’s payroll, the overall cost is significantly less than employing a full-time (or even part-time) payroll manager. A small monthly-billed fee lets you access complete payroll services for your company. You can manage your business freely while resting assured that the company’s payroll is being completed efficiently and properly. And best of all, there is no binding contract!

Save time

In addition to saving money, letting Easier Accounting manage your payroll will save you significant time. Think about all the hours you spend a week logging employee time cards, reviewing and checking irregularities, and finally writing checks. Huge stretches of time that were previously used to complete these tasks can now be put toward something conducive to improving your business. After all, you didn’t get into your field to become a payroll manager. Delegating payroll procedures to a dedicated and competent provider will result in a happier work force. You as the manger or business owner will be able to simplify your daily tasks, and your employees will be satisfied that their compensation is taken care of in a timely and consistent manner.

Expect great results

And finally, with Easier Accounting you can expect excellent results. Once you sign on with us, we get to know your business from the inside out and pay meticulous attention to the details and procedures of your company. We have the capability to pay employees weekly or bi-weekly. We’re always available for support and consultations, and are fully committed to supporting your company payroll needs.